We’re off to Brisbane for two very important court cases

Our team are currently preparing for two very important court cases in Brisbane. We’ve taken an interest because they involve local government issues in Queensland.

The past twelve months has revealed local government corruption in Queensland is rife and it’s been going on for a very long time. You only have to look at the criminal charges against two consecutive Ipswich Mayors and then the entire Ipswich City Council being dismissed by the Local Government Minister. Privaatei is well informed about the systematic corruption in local government across the State. This isn’t something that’s just happened either. The Queensland Government and both sides of politics have been well aware of it. There are also lawyers implicated! (See “Sam Di Carlo charged with influencing Ipswich development”)

There is some hope in the rule of law being restored with “Maverick MP’s” such as Jo-anne Miller and the former Independent for Cairns Rob Pyne shining a light on corruption. The difficulties faced by anyone who walks to gauntlet of telling the truth is unprecedented. Take for example Jacki Trad MP referring Jo-Anne Miller MP, a member of her own political party, to the ethics committee (See “Deputy Premier refers Labor colleague to ethics committee”) and there’s no denying Rob Pyne was stitched up because he actually had principles and integrity. (See “‘Vindicated’ Rob Pyne says he ‘made too many enemies’ in council crusade”)

These two court cases have one thing in common. The defendants are ordinary Queensland citizens who (probably naively) actually believe in the truth, justice and accountability. The Plaintiff’s in each of these proceedings is involved with Local Government and have significant financial resources and legal representation available to them. In fact, one source has alleged you the tax payer is funding it. Think about that for a minute…

Neither of these proceedings are in a criminal jurisdiction BUT maybe they have been instituted to hide the truth, a tactic we identify as a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).

Privaatei is actively investigating these matters and will provide you an update soon. #stalkingthetruth

Hallam v O’Çonnor, Pyne

Brisbane District Court
Defamation Act 2005 (Qld)
Two day trial – Application by Plaintiff to strike out defence

Plaintiff: Mr Greg Hallam, CEO Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ)
Defendants: Ms Lyn O’Connor, Mr Rob Pyne

View the Queensland Courts ecourt file summary here

Privaatei investigation filed as “LGAQ”

Cassowary Coast Regional Council -V- TOOGOOD & another

Brisbane Supreme Court
Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005 (Qld)
Application for Directions

Plaintiff: Cassowary Coast Regional Council
Defendants: Mrs Julianne Toogood, Mr Steven Toogood

View the Queensland Courts ecourt file summary here

Privaatei investigation filed as “Cassowary Coast Regional Council”

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